Medical Effects of Low Testosterone Levels in Men

Dangerously Low Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a hormone found in humans and other animals. The testicles help in making testosterone in men and increases rapidly during puberty and starts decreasing after thirty years or so. It is basically related with sex drive and helps in sperm production. It affects bone and muscle mass, red blood cell production as well as mood. A normal range of testosterone is 300 ng/dL to 1000 ng/dL.


Changes in sexual function – This is one of the biggest worries faced by men who have low testosterone level as their sexual desire and performance will be affected and they will face the following problems:Reduced sex drive, Infertility, Less or no Erections, Shrinkage of Testicles.

Sleep disturbances – Low Testosterone levels causes insomnia and other changes in sleep pattern. It causes sleep apnea which is a serious problem that stops and starts your breathing repeatedly.

Physical changes – Increase in body fat, decrease in Body and Muscle Mass, Loss of Body and facial hair, Weak Bones,  Hot flashes and sweat,  Low Energy. You may feel tired all the time and find difficult to exercise until you find a good testosterone booster.

Medical Treatment for Low Testosterone

Testosterone plays a vital role in the production of semen that aids in the motility of sperm. Men with low testosterone levels face decreased sperm volume during ejaculation.    It is important if you have symptoms of low testosterone level, to get tested and then start the treatment. It can really put your relationships and career at jeopardy as testosterone strongly effects the male brain. So, treat it medically as well as naturally and you will surely feel alive again.

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